Wyze lock jam

Anyone else have an issue with the wyze lock locking but the deadbolt catches? Therefore causing a jam. If I press the door closed a tad more it’ll lock.

Thought is to just move the deadbolt strike plate over 1/8 or 1/4 inch to allow it to catch.

Anyone else have this issue they solved?

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I haven’t had this problem with the Wyze lock since my deadbolt works easily, but I did in the past. When I first had a power lock, I had to adjust the strike plate for good operation. I spent a lot of years in building repair, installed hundreds of locks and a properly installed deadbolt should operate smoothly with little to no resistance. If you take some time to adjust your strike plate, it should be fine. They do make adjustable plates and ones with larger holes, but often times if it’s close, just a little filing or grinding with a Dremel type tool is enough for smooth operation.