Wyze Lock installation issue - not flush with door

My door screws are not flat. The screw heads are convex and I believe this is what is preventing the lock from being flush with the door. It appears to be operating fine other than for this visual problem. I hope it doesn’t promote gradual impairment of the lock. Does anyone have a solution for this?


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@KenInTexas Welcome to the community! Wyze support may be able to help you. If you want to start a support ticket, they can ship you some shorter screws for the lock.


I don’t think the length of the screw but rather the screw head needs to be flat. I will get that ticket going and ask. Thanks @StopICU33


Yes a rounded head screw won’t work. Or wouldn’t for me.

I ended up putting a wing nut on one of the screws. Used my dremel with cutoff wheel to shorten it and then when I took off the wing nut it straightened all the threads. Then repeated with the second.


You’re welcome. Hopefully support will have some flat head screws available as well. I’m sure they can advise.

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