Wyze Lock possible bad batches

Installed the lock and noticed that the knob will not go completely horizontal when unlocked manually or using the app. This causes the door to remain locked. Does anyone else’s knob go perfectly horizontal? Here is a pic of lock I have, even if I remove lock off door it will not go pass this point.


Mine is offset. Always has been. But works fine.

What kind of lock do you have? I have the Kwikset Smart Key.


I found a temporary fix for this issue. I had to use a small tie wrap to remove slack from the knob. It has to go in the upper left hand side. Now it works with no issues. Notice the knob position.

That’s backwards , The knob should be vertical when the door is unlocked , horizontal when it is locked

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Does it really matter? Mine locked.

Mike unlocked

Doesn’t bother me. And it worked correctly so I don’t see what the big deal is

I don’t know how you interpreted what I said is it being a big deal.
If it isn’t in this configuration (The knob should be vertical when the door is unlocked , horizontal when it is lockedit ) it means that the lock was installed wrong
Does it matter ? I don’t know if it matters , I don’t know if it will cause problems or not ,If it works that way I guess it’s fine, but it is still backwards

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Does it say somewhere that the lock HAS to be vertical when unlocked and horizontal when locked?

All it takes to fix it to your way is to remove the knob and reposition it. I can’t see how that would effect the operation of the lock. Granted it probably looks better but I don’t see how it could damage anything.

The knob has stops and it’s keyed, only turns about 45 degrees. The lock just needs more adaptors to fit all these different lock types or a tad bit more movement on knob. Wyze did a great job as this should work with most locks.

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I did some more PD and it appears when performing calibration the lock does not adjust up to the clockwise stop built into the knob. During the last step it moves counter clockwise a few degrees to the locked position and this last movement causes the knob not to retract all the way. I can force the lock to the unlock stop which will help but I believe something is wrong with lock.

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How far is the distance? I had to adjust my deadbolt throw length. Deadbolts come in 2 lengths. It’s easy fix you just adjust the pin on the inside

It is on the shorter stop. Someone from Wyze has reach out to me to PD issue. Will report back with results.

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Here is fix. I :heart: Wyze, problem fixed over the phone. They will revised instructions when you use green adaptor. Looks like you have to have the door locked and knob in horizontal position for my type of lock, D shaped shaft.

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When using the green adapter and mounting with door locked and knob in horizontal position, does the lock fully extend when locking the door.
If the deadbolt doesn’t fully extend, then the bolt can easily opened with a credit card. This is the whole purpose of a deadbolt, so the door can’t be opened with a credit card.
When the bolt fully extends, there’s a mechanism that forces the bolt to stay in place unless there’s enough force driven by the turning of the know, but a credit card or screwdriver won’t be able to slide the bolt open.

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Yes the bolt fully extends. Same length without the Wyze Lock.

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