Wyze Bolt - change "handedness" when mounted on the left hand side of a door

I bought two Wyze bolts to replace two Kwikset keypads mainly for the fingerprint capabilities (and the price). I had planned to relocate the Kwikset keypads to my pump house and mechanical room.

I have a total of 5 entry doors with dead bolts. ALL 5 have the inside knob in the vertical position when the door is locked. (this is key so just make note). 3 doors have the lock mounted on the right side when looking at the door from the inside and 2 have it mounted on the left. I was going to put the Wyze bolts on one left hand and one right hand door.

However upon installation, The door with the lock on the right had the correct orientation of the inside knob when the door is locked - vertical. The one mounted on the left side of the door has a horizontal knob orientation when locked. Worked with support and they tell me - it is, what it is.

Right mounted - locked = vertical knob, unlocked = horizontal
left mounted - locked = horizontal knob, unlocked = vertical

Why? every deadbolt that I have worked with can orient the knob in most any way you want it. With the Wyze bolt the lock with only go from vertical to horizontal by turning it counter clockwise. To work on a left hand side and to be able to orient the knob consistent with the other locks when locked (vertical), the knob must turn clockwise to the right.

So I am returning two bolts and putting the Kwikset keypad locks back on. The price is right and if you only have right hand mounting, then you are good but it doesn’t work in my situation.

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