Wyze Lock CONSTANTLY pinging location

Just installed my first Wyze product earlier this week, a Wyze lock. Since installing the Wyze app is non stop pinging my location, less than 30 seconds between gps icon pop ups in the notification bar. I’ve never seen this with Arlo, Nest, Smart things, Reolink,or Eufy. Anyone else seeing this? It’s so annoying.

Using a Note 10+.

@Mobalized Welcome to the community! This issue may be related to the service outage. See notice below:


I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it to change but I’m not sure why cloud connectivity would have an impact on GPS polling.

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Wifi service has been restored to devices installed prior to the outage and it’s still doing it. My wife’s Note 10+ is doing the same thing.

@Mobalized Sorry to hear you are still having this issue with your lock. I recommend contacting Wyze support and start a support ticket if you haven’t already done so.

Submit a Request Here

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I’m not sure that it’s lock specific, it seems like it’s Android app related. Are other folks not experiencing this?

I saw another user having this issue a while back but not sure if they found a solution for the constant pinging. I’ll tag them and hopefully they can chime in help. @jeff007

If you are a member to the EA group, you can see this link here:

Yikes, does not surprise me with these issues. Not sure auto unlocking is even a good idea to begin with. I have never used permanent geofencing on any of my smarthome products that offer it because it is constantly pinging my location and wearing out my phone battery while having questionable reliability. When I have used Find Friends on a family member requesting that I be notified when a person leaves a location, it will often say they have left when they actually have not. Their location tends to jump around all over the map within the general area due to many factors that I cannot begin to understand. I wonder if this is what is happening with the Wyze lock and the auto unlocking issue. If I were Wyze, I would consider removing this feature

Edit: @WyzeJasonJ Do you have any ideas?

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When you say you are getting gps icon pop ups in the notification bar what are you seeing. I do have a lock and yes it is always checking your location for the geofence, I do have a persistent notification that the geofence is running. I always have gps on and have never had a real hit on battery from it.

Top right corner next to the wifi symbol. It is coming on for extended periods of time and sometimes with a short delay between appearances. At times it’s coming on more than 5x per minute. If I force close Wyze it stops.

Yep that symbol is on mine also but never goes away. Possibly because I use about 4 apps that request location, WYZE being one of them. I am unsure how often it is set to ping location.

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