Wyze Lock - Calibration Failed

Hello! Received the Wyze Lock and gateway a few days ago. I installed it onto my existing lock and calibrated it with ease - what a great product.

A few days later I changed the actual deadbolt lock because I needed a fresh set of keys. This time when I tried to reinstall and calibrate the wyze lock on the new deadbolt lock, latch and cylinder, very weird servo motor issues where it sounded like it was struggling, then the lock was frozen and I couldn’t manually turn the wyze lock to unlock/lock the deadbolt. So I started from scratch.

Reinstalled the new deadbolt, cylinder and latch to my door. Deleted the gateway and wyze lock from my iPhone app and reinstalled each device.

Now I cannot get past the 2nd step of calibration “Manually unlock the deadbolt and open the door.”

I do this but I get the “Calibration failed…Try Again” loop.

I am able to turn the lock manually with the Wyze lock thumbturn easily but I cannot calibrate.

Please advise.

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Does the new deadbolt use the same colored adapter?

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Original lock used green adapter (D shape) the new lock uses orange for vertical/horizontal torque shaft

I also cannot finish calibration. Lock turns easily. Using orange adapter. Get through all the steps and then the last step, shut door and lock it. Lock then unlocks, locks, and unlocks and then app just sits there and about 3 minutes later says it failed.