Wyze Lock Bolt - what if the motor fails?

Since there’s no physical key, what do you do if the motor in the Wyze Lock Bolt fails, or if there’s some other mechanical malfunction? Is there any option other than smashing it off your door with a hammer?

I know it’s unlikely, but I’m also old enough to know anything can break.

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Very good question. I hope Wyze can chime in. For me, I’ll get the tradesman to break it

GQ- good question. I’ve had old skool locks “fall apart” after about 15 years. The anxiety triples cuz… once unlocked, your door is likely no longer locking until you install a replacement.

If someone only has one door, and, no accessible unlocked windows, this scenario may take some good problem-solving.

It installs over the top of existing dead-bolt… just use your key to override

I’m talking about Wyze Lock Bolt, not Wyze Lock. It replaces your existing deadbolt. There is no key.


Gotcha… yeah… that is one I would have concerns about too

If you have access to the inside components you can probably just remove it by reversing the installation. If you you don’t have access because it is your only door, I suppose you could move?


A. Go to lawn / garden where you used to hide the spare key under a rock.

B. Lift rock.

C. Throw through window.


Electric motors rarely fail. But you can ask that question about anything…what if my refrigerator fails after I just filled it with food? What if my car fails and I’m miles from help? But in your case you could enter the house through the back door. Or use the Wyze lock version that still lets you use a key outside. Oh and, both replace your existing deadlock.

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Right. I guess it’s just one of those things where a particular item isn’t suited to a particular use (condo/apartment dweller, in this case).

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I certainly wouldn’t install it if there isn’t an alternative access to the home. The only issue contemplated in the design was a dead battery.

I agree, it’s not perfect for every situation, but it’s fine when you have an alternative entrance. As far as how you would lock the door in the unlikely event the lock motor fails: you’re removing an existing deadbolt in order to install this-- just put all the parts and at least one key in a box or bag in the closet, and it can be swapped back in a matter of minutes if you’re slightly handy or know anyone slightly handy.

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Not sure how a landlord would feel about someone installing their own lock…

I put a master key in a secure location outside my condo. We’ll see if I ever have to use it.

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