Wyze Lock - Broken after 14 months + how to fix

So I’m posting here, not out of frustration… Or surprise.

However, my Wyze Lock that I bought and installed last June died today. By died, I mean it stopped locking/unlocking and was even seizing the deadbolt in place making us have to use another door. Thanks Wyze.

I bought this lock back when it was like $90. Pretty surprised to see that it’s all like $130 now. But, inflation I guess. Hopefully that extra $40 includes a fraction of cent worth of thread lock.

I ended up taking the lock apart, since it was broke anyway. There are 2 screws on the back under the ends of the rubber piece on the top, 2 more under a black sticker at the bottom and 1 deep in the hole for the deadbolt to attach the knob.

Pay attention to where everything is for the gears. The gear for the knob attaches to on which has a small magnet embedded in it. You’re going to know where that lands (it needs to over the sensor it sits in right side in one position and the other side in the other position. The calibration should figure out which is which).

So anyway. Once you start cracking this bad boy open, you’ll probably have at least one, if not up to 4 small silver screws fall out. Save these, you’ll need them. They go into the black plastic housing to attach the motor to it.

Once you take the mainboard out and detach the motor, you’ll need to remove the 4 black screws holding the motor to the back. Then remove the gear on the motor, it just pulls off - no snap rings or anything. The silver screws that fell out go in the 4 holes around the shaft.

Go ahead and toss a fraction of a cent worth of thread lock on the screws throw them back in, reassemble and wonder why that fraction of a cent worth of materials was skimped on for this $100+ device.

Hopefully this helps someone else from spending a few hours trying to open it up and figure out the positioning of the sensor gear. It took me a few calibration attempts to figure it out.

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Sorry you had this issue, and thanks for the detailed tips for other users!


A video of the tear down / reassemble would be good for the next person that experiences this issue.

Hopefully I don’t have to be that person :slight_smile:

But I will if the “Opportunity” presents itself.


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Yeah, I wish I had thought of it. But honestly, the fact that I was tearing this thing that prevented me from even opening the deadbolt somehow already had me far too annoyed during the process to think of the next guy. I may at some point try to take it back apart and make a video. It’s really not super complicated once you realize that there are 5 screws on the back. The hardest part was getting the sensor gear positioned correctly drive it rotates in reverse.