Innovative Door Knob

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I’m new to the forum but I ran across something that made me think of a potential Wyze product. I have the doorbell and keypad now and would absolutely purchase this if manufactured.

Would anyone else be interested in a product like this?

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Interesting idea. To me it’s of the “great, one more electromechanical thing to go wrong and risk lives by failing to operate” variety but I can see the potential appeal. It’s not as if doorknobs are required by fire code.

Still, if I were to go down this route I’m pretty sure I’d prefer to have the door swing (or slide) open and closed on its own rather than wait for a knob to pop out so I could then grasp/turn it manually.

All in all a decent idea.

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Thank you for that Point, but I think only the exterior doorknob is what retracts. The interior wouldn’t move. Just the outside so no one can even attempt a break in :slight_smile:

More info on this doorknob
Interior knob is accessible more details at link above

Yeah I assumed, but having to get in can be more life and death than having to get out.

Again, different strokes.

I mean if they can’t get in now (because door is locked) they would break the door. I mean, realistically, a sufficiently motivated criminal (or law enforcement/medical) will find another way in (sledgehammer to door, window, etc). This should be viewed as an aesthetic preference and not really a security preference.

The more likely problem I see here is the battery dying and you not being able to activate the motor to get into your house. The mechanical mechanism breaking down is also a potential problem, though less frequent. Not ideal if you don’t have a second way into your house.

I won’t buy any electronic locks that don’t also have a key. Bare minimum is external battery terminals, but that doesn’t protect against mechanical failure. I want a fallback to mitigate the risk of being locked out.

Well yeah, getting in to attend to a baby, help someone in need, turn off a stove, get your keys, etc. There are lots of obvious times it would be a real danger to have the door fail to open properly from the outside. And not everyone is prepared or able to break down a door.