Had to Destroy Lock While Replacing Battery--Customer Support No Help

I got a notice my Wyze deadbolt batteries needed replaced. When I replaced them, the Bluetooth would not stay connected. After a couple of hours, including a complete new setup, I called customer support.
The first tech asked me to take the bolt apart to see if a red wire was connected. I did and said there’s no red wire. He said “that’s ok, some don’t have the wire.” Huh? Then he had me disassemble and reassemble the lock, although I had done that. I did. Then the bolt wouldn’t turn at all. In addition, the phone would not let me “add a device.” It acted as if it was already installed and took me to the gateway, not installation instructions. After nearly two hours with him I got disconnected.
I called back and got a different rep. She said if the software does not recognize the device it must be replaced. They can’t just send a new lock. They send you a gift certificate with which to order another lock. She also said they need the serial number which is on the back of the lock, even though I purchased direct from Wyze and had the date of purchase (last September). The lock assembly inside the door would not come off. She emailed this morning and said they had to have the serial number and to try to get the lock off. So I pried on it, bent part of it. It seemed stuck around the lock assembly, but finally got off and the serial number, although the device is bent and can’t be reused.
As has been noted, the batteries do not last as long as claimed. and I had some of the same issues listed in the topic.
I like the lock, but if you have to call customer service, be prepared for 6 hours (my total in conversation and still not resolved) and if you imbibe, a bottle of vodka nearby. I may shop around for another brand to replace. Lock worked great until the batteries needed replaced, but if you need customer service, God help you.