Wyze lock draining batteries 24-48hrs

i have had wyze lock and keypad for probably close to a year. no problems at all. original duracell batteries were getting low. then just died so i swapped them out with energizer lithiums. they lasted about 1-2weeks and were dead. i thought they were maybe defective so i put 4 more lithiums in and it killed them in 24-48 hours. thought maybe it just didnt like them so i put duracells in and dead within 24 hours. this am at 8 am i put 4 more lithiums in after deleting it from my account and reinstalling it. with no keypad now becuase it wont let me pair it “on another account” as of now at 6pm the batteries are at 90% from 100 at 8am. so 10% loss in 10 hours. i have alarms off did calibration then shut it off. and auto lock / unlock are off… literally its at this point just a push button lock. and the battery is still draining. latest firmware is from last year. so as far as i know there is no new one according to my app or according their list. looking for any more ideas because im kinda out of them. damn near could have bought another one with the 40$ in batteries it has eaten in the last week. 4 lithiums are about 12$ and its on its 3rd or 4th set…

Did you get any reply from Wyze? I have same issue, based supposedly in the practice of leaving auto-lock off and door closed, I see 1-year-old conversations where Wyze references a future update solving things.

Check that, the reference to solving this issue w/ update was TWO years ago.

i talked to their support. they sent me a warranty replacement. resolved all my issues… after recieving the new one i was thinking it was probably the brain unit. the little one that plugs into the wall i never did remove / install that one. but they issued a new one. so far i havent had any issues since replacing both units. “the wyze gateway” was my thought on the culprit. i dont know if i ever power cycled it either. i did removed and reinstalled the lock but that didnt fix it. it also caused issues with my keypad. “said it was on another account” so it wouldnt let me add it back to my lock. the new one it added it with no issues. possibly because they deleted it when i contacted support. If i had to resolve this again i would delete the gateway and reinstall that first then remove the lock and reinstall. but i dont know if i will have to mess with it again.