Wyze lock battery issues

has anyone’s lock worked for a couple a months on one set of batteries but now won’t stay on with new good batteries (tested with volt meter)

what type of batteries are you using in your lock?

I have had my lock for a very long time and typically my batteries will last quite a few months months depending on use.

energizer. as soon as i put the new batteries in and recalibrate i get a notice saying my batteries are weak. i took them out and volt tested and they are good still.

ok. thats a bit of clarification. I noticed last time I changed mine that the low battery alert stayed on in the app for a bit. put them in, force close the app and give it a bit. say 10-30 minutes. see if it goes away. mine did.

I think it’s kinda a “heartbeat” that refreshes every so often to check up on things. give it a bit for the next “pulse” and see if it works. if it doesn’t show full batteries after a hour I would say its the batteries.

oh on a side note…are they lithium rechargeable by chance?

no they are not rechargable. i believe recharggle batteries only go up to 1.2 volt not the 1.5 that is required. I have restarted the app several times, removed lock and gateway from app and started from scratch several times with the same thing happening. low battery alert then completely dies. new batteries(tested with volt meter) each time.

I am starting to think that there is a short in the lock

I think that’s correct. we ran into that a few times when the locks were first released. could you try one more set of batteries ( if you happen to have some) Occam’s razor. and of course that’s one of the first things support will ask you to do. outside of that I would suggest contacting support.

Is that a type of battery or a brand

Lol. Just Google it. I have tried 4 sets of batteries. I have one more. I will test [voltage] and try again

oh im sorry. my inner nerd is showing. sorry for the confusion. no it’s not a brand.

Occams Razor=the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

typically how we Mavens and mods problem solve most things as most users ( mavens and mods especially with all of our experience) are too close to the problem and over think even the simplest of issues. thus the reason why I merely suggested trying a new set of batteries as you hadn’t mentioned if you had already done that.

sorry again for the confusion there.

I googled it. i have tried 4 sets of batteries all tested with a volt meter after issue started. same results. I have put in a new set and it came on. Usually won’t last more than a day. I am leaving for work now and will keep your inner nerd informed. I didn;t know what Occam’s razor was, but alway start my diagnosis from the easiest {and cheapest} way to resolve issues. Maybe i am part nerd too.

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Ok with a fresh set of batteries, when i got home the door wouldn’t automatically unlock. I didn’t check but maybe it didn’t set it to. And of course the low battery light is on again. It would open through the app though. In the morning i will take out the batteries and put them on a volt test to see if they are still good like all the other sets.

just checked. i did not set it to auto open. my bad. not the locks

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I have had that happen as well. forgot something simple. at least you figured that part out :slight_smile:

I got home the other night and of course the software said batteries were dead. so i took them out and they are still good according to voltmeter. havent put in a new set yet because of work and it is cold as s##t out there. It is time for assistance from tech. I think there is a short. and no old batteries did not bleed inside of unit.