Wyze door lock KEYPAD battery drain issue

So recently I’ve had an issue with my Wyze Lock KEYPAD having a severe battery drain issue. No idea what changed, but the first set of batteries literally lasted several years and now it’s eating fresh alkaline batteries within approximately 10 days.

The keypad location hasn’t changed, neither has the lock or the Gateway location. All pretty much exactly the same and now the keypad is eating batteries like it is going out of style. The Lock itself is unaffected and is consuming batteries at the normal rate it has the past few years.

Anyone else seen this occur? I’d ditch the keypad except it’s pretty darn handy.

I have had this happen to me in the past when using cheaper batteries and the temperatures dropped.

Decided to stay with higher end batteries after that. I don’t think I have changed the batteries in a very long time now.

You could also make sure you don’t have a stuck button, and the keypad is staying lit?

No indication of any stuck button and I have historically only used high quality alkaline batteries (Duracell and the like). In recent weeks I’ve taken to using rechargables because it ate 3+ sets of fresh alkaline batteries in quick succession and that was untenable.

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Try scrubbing the battery contacts with a Q-tip and white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol.

I did review the contacts inside and it looks pretty darn clean with no build-up. Can’t remember if I already hit them with contact cleaner spray (Which will achieve the same results as the products you mentioned), but I’ll try. However, I’m guessing that’s not gonna be the issue.

Your lucky, my batteries went dead and lock didn’t work. put in new Duracell’s and checked my battery strength it was at 8%, I took out batteries and tested them all good. When I removed batteries I noticed bottom right hand battery was warm. When replacing batteries again I started to smell burning electrical,YES I put the batteries in properly, my first thought also. No key in my setup. Like the lock very much so I ordered a new one, should come today.

Final update: I determined that one of the batteries was getting drained 100% and the other not so much during normal use, which implied a fault with the unit resulting in the massive battery drain. I contacted Wyze support and after performing the usual troubleshooting BS they ultimately (but politely) told me to kick rocks.

Given I use this daily I just ordered a new one. I installed it the other day and battery life is back to normal levels. So chalk this up to product failure after a few years of use.