Wyze Lock Batteries Drain When No Door Actions

I really hate the lock. Batteries drain without the door even being used. Last Saturday I put brand new Energizer Max batteries in. Reading 100%. Nobody is home and the door has remained shut. Today the batteries read 33%. This lock sucks and I’m looking for suggestions on a better solution.

May I suggest the Wyze Lock Bolt? Yeah it’s not a remote-access lock, but the batteries have lasted me a FULL year and fingerprint access is pretty quick.


There must be something wrong. I installed my lock in July and only replaced the batteries a couple of days ago, for the first time. I don’t use auto lock or anything like that. I have location rules that lock and unlock, plus some scheduled rules. I do remember some posts mentioning that if you have auto lock enabled and you leave the door open it drains batteries VERY quickly.

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Yeah, shockingly fast for Auto Unlock.

If the features suit your needs, consider the Bolt Lock.
Mine has been running on the same original battery set for 19 months now.



I typically get 7 or 8 months from a set of batteries in my Wyze Lock. I use the auto-lock feature to lock the door 10 minutes after I close it, I disabled the auto-unlock feature and use a location rule instead to unlock the door.

The batteries will drain quickly if it is not locked.

I have had this lock since they were released.

My lock worked fine for 2 months. Then I replaced the batteries and it didn’t update the battery level. It also now drained 2 sets of batteries within a day… THIS HAS TO BE A PROGRAMING ISSUE!!! WYZE FIX THIS.