Wyze Lock vs Battery Usage

Discussed on Facebook beta page.

Lock is eating through batteries unreasonably. I changed batteries about 2-2 1/2 weeks ago and it’s telling me yesterday that the new batteries are low.

I’m using new Duracell batteries. I plan on trying Energizers next but this needs to be looked at.

It only unlocks once a day, when I return home. I don’t leave out the door so no need for me to manually unlock it and then for it to autolock.

It is on a schedule to autolock at 1 AM, regardless if it already locked or not.

So it only is used twice a day. So why would the batteries be depleted so quickly?

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This doesn’t seem like your problem cuz a 2 week depletion is just ridiculous…but my batteries seemed to be depleting pretty fast also. The motor in my Wyze lock really seemed to struggle to throw the dead bolt so I really lubed up the mechanism in the door with WD-40.
Now the motor doesn’t seem to strain as much throwing the deadbolt…which i would hope will translate to less battery usage.

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