Wyze Lock - better battery life

Major improvement needs to be done with the battery consumption of the wyze Lock. I am about ready to throw away the lock due to the high battery consumption

I’m sure Wyze is hard at work on their new liquid sodium (Na-S) battery.

Bad software that consumes insane amount of battery life is unacceptable and poor workmanship

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You may pick some ideas from the other thread. Search on wyze Lock battery. e,g, Wyze Lock battery life horrendous I think there are soe good tips there.

leaving it unloacked seems to be a problem Wyze will address . . .

Thank you for your help. I am at the point of removing the lock and tossing it in the garbage. I am disappointed in the lock and lack of support to resolve the issue.

I do not recommend the wyzock to anyone.

I have gone through many types and brands of batteries. I have emailed support many times with no response.

The software code or the whole lick needs to be improved to reduce attery consumption.

My other brand door lock batteries last over a year. The other brand is on my front door, which is used 100 times more than the door the wyze lock is on.

Blink cameras are designed to use lithium batteries which last up to 2 years depending on usage. I can go almost 18 months on the lithium batteries in the blink cameras.

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Hi @LuckyAnvil, Post your support ticket number with @WyzeGwendolyn or @WyzeDongsheng, one of them may be able to help you.

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my battery life was poor when I had it on a door that stayed unlocked, after moving it to another door that is kept locked, it’s getting great battery life, even with a lot more traffic using it.

The lock is installed on my side garage door that stays locked most of the time. I added it there so I can do a quick check with my phone at night to make sure it is locked. The horrible battery consumption has made it worthless to me.

That is bad coding if you need to add the lock to a door that remains locked most of the time to avoid the insane battery consumption this lock has

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I’d recommend tagging @JonathanF for Wyze Lock issues instead of Dongsheng. Thanks for the tag!

@LuckyAnvil, may I please have one of your support ticket numbers?

Hello @LuckyAnvil,

If the door you are using your Wyze Lock on is closed and locked most of the time, your battery life should last around 4~6 months.

If you often leave your door unlocked or opened then it will drain battery life.

We added a feature to turn off door sensor so if you are only locking/unlocking the door, you can turn off door position function under auto lock in the lock settings. This will improve your battery life.

What is your current battery life situation? How often do you have to change battery?

What kind of battery are you using?

You can also let me know what is the customer service tickets number so I can work with our support agents to improve our lock support experience.

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Since I am going through 4 new batteries every 4-6 days, I am using any and all brands of AA alkaline batteries. I have this lock on my rental and am going today to change batteries for the third time in 2 weeks, I will also be trying to turn off door sensing. In the past it did not have this problem and has only been doing this battery life drain for the last 2 or so months. I’m at my frustrated wits end at this point.

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This lock is pure garbage due to battery usage. The lock will drain your pocket book with the need to constantly replace batteries. I have teied all types of batteries. The rechargeable batteries are a joke in this lock. Every 4 to 7 days you need to recharge the batteries. The lock burns through Lithium batreries.

I recommend returning the lock or not purchasing the Wyze locks. Winder if Wyze gets a kickback from the battery companies.

The battery life is a joke on this lock. Not sure what testing you are doi g to get 3 to 6 months. My batteries last 3 to 4 weeks if I am lucky.

I have moved the lock to another door which has minimal usage. The batteries are still being drained at the same rate.

The wyze lock is pure garbage. It is a failure for Wyze and should be discontinued until Wyze can improve it. Wyze seems to have lost focus on quality as the company grows. It is sad to see a company I supported from the early stages to what it is now.