Wyze Lock Bolt - Sync Codes/Fingerprints

I have one Wyze Lock Bolt on my front door and I’m looking at getting a second for my backdoor. I didn’t see any options to sync the existing codes and fingerprints to the second lock bolt.

I asked on Reddit and no one else knows of that ability.

I completed a search on the wishlist and I noticed a similar request but it was geared towards syncing one-time codes to all locks.

This request is for all codes and fingerprints on an existing lock to sync to a second, third… lock bolt. Would be an excellent feature instead of having to re-enter them again on the lock. Can be cumbersome with big families.

Door lock syncing

I would like to see the door locks connect to one another so that when you enter your finger print in one it goes to all others you have installed. I am not the only person that has these on all.my doors and it gets a bit tiresome having to set them all up individually.