Wyze Lock Bolt - First Impression

Multiple Pros and Cons in all purchase considerations and I respect everyone’s.

Something Else to Consider from @TheNetGuyDotCom


I think I’m actually going to return both of my new locks. I expected that the added features of the Wyze lock bolt had at a minimum the same features as the original Wyze lock, but that turns out to not be true.

the main reason i like smart locks is that I often cant remember if i locked a door while I’m on the road. the new lock provides me with no way to actually tell or control the lock remotely.

when we are home, we often leave the door open for more natural light, so auto lock is an absolute annoyance since the lock isn’t capable of knowing the status of the door like the original Wyze lock, or communicate with the Wyze door contacts to get the status.

This is a major flaw in the Wyze ecosystem. There are so many products but they all rely on different technologies for communication. Wyze monitoring uses a proprietary protocol so it has a hub. Wyze Outdoor cameras have their own hub, original Wyze lock has its own hub/bridge, now this new Wyze lock is purely bluetooth.


Thanks, this is a WONDERFUL demonstration from @TheNetGuyDotCom that I can link to in the future to perfectly demonstrate one of the reasons why I don’t like having a key option for any of my outdoor locks. Big security flaw [to me]. None of my outdoor locks have a keyhole for this reason. The problem is that most locks without a keyhole have no way to recover if the battery dies…and that’s been okay because they usually warn you far enough in advance, and they don’t all die at the same time anyway, so it’s not a big deal anyway, but this new Wyze lock bolt having a backup power option is very comforting :heart_eyes: compared to similar locks I’ve had in the past that don’t have that.


Looks like a pretty good product for limited use compared to the original which I have now and like.
The only problem I see without having a key backup option like some other options or an old dumb electric keypad lock I had, is any failure other than dead battery. That should hopefully be very rare but if someone has an apartment with only one entrance, I could see that as a potential issue with no way in. Houses usually have another door you could use so not a big deal there.

Sorry to be a naysayer. The lock is interesting but not compelling. You must have a keypad for this. Why? Because if Joe the Plumber calls me at work and says, “hey, I’m here to replace your toilet.” How do you let him in? That’s the way a modern digital lock should work and all of them do except Wyze. It’s nice to be able to program it through bluetooth so you can easily change codes. And that’s the downfall of most locks. But not a big bummer. Once set you don’t do it that often. But a fingerprint reader? Unnecessary complication.
So if you put a keypad on it with bluetooth, I’d be a buyer. Don’t much care for the fingerprint reader.

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You can generate a One Time Code for Joe the Plumber without being connected to the device.


Can you lock with fingerprint also ?

No need, there’s a dedicated button on the keypad with a lock icon specifically for locking it with a single touch. Accomplishes the same thing.

BUT, if they ever make one with WiFi or allow this to connect to something through Bluetooth to give it that access, they should allow us to set up routines based on our fingerprints. That would be so COOL! :sunglasses: One finger unlocks your door and turns on the lights and all sorts of stuff, another finger could lock the door, turn on notifications and cameras and set your HMS security to on and all sorts of things. Would be so awesome. Maybe a future model? I’d buy a dozen of those and stick them on my inside doors too! :rofl:


Blah commenting sucks here.

How can you set the emergency codes remotely? if you only have a Bluetooth connection how can wyze send data from their server to the lock?

It uses similar technology as 2 Factor Authentication apps, using an encoded algorithm the emergency code is changed every 4 hours in the lock bolt, and the app has that tied to your Wyze account with the same algorithm so that you can securely access a one time emergency code any time you need it to give it to someone for this exact purpose. After they’re used once they are no longer valid, and after 4 hours it expires and is totally changed. This way the lock can be opened remotely in situations exactly as being requested above (let a plumber in…IF you want to).

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So far I like the ease of use and simplicity of it. Feels pretty solid.

The only thing I’m having issues with so far is the fact that it shows as “unresponsive” on the Amazon Alexa app and I cannot lock/unlock using Alexa.

I didnt realize alexa had a bluetooth gateway. interesting. if google did that i could make use of these locks since i connect back to my home network via vpn.

As an owner of both the Wyze Lock and Lock Bolt, I absolutely do miss getting the status of the lock remotely… is it locked or open? I do not necessarily need the ability to lock or unlock it, but just its actual state in near real time. The Wyze lock uses a Bluetooth gateway to connect it to WiFi and thus the internet. Perhaps Wyze would consider using the same gateway for the Lock Bolt to simply send status info to their App to keep it updated without the [perceived] security risk of allowing it to be locked/unlocked remotely? This to me would be a win-win. And they already have the infrastructure in place with their lock.


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Well that’s the problem. Being able to allow someone to come in when you’re not home. Whatayagoing to do, send them your thumb? If you had wifi, you could unlock it. Or, if you had a keypad you could tell them a code over the phone (not your main one) and they could get in that way.
This is not a well thought through product. (Sorry Wyze. But I had to).

It’s strange that the cameras and security stuff works with wifi. That said, maybe it’s better to have a stand-alone unit that can’t be accessed unless you know the pin.

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I just finished installing the Wyze Bolt Lock. It fits my use case perfectly! It is installed on the front door, which I never use to in or out of the house. It is very solid and well constructed.

I don’t need it on wifi and it won’t auto-unlock when I come in through the garage. I now have 2 ways of entering the house without needing a key.


I think that it would have been good to have it connect to the Wyze Sense Hub via bluetooth or whatever its using. This way it can sense the status of the lock and/or send commands to it without directly opening a vulnerability by connecting the lock directly to the cloud.

My only other complaint would be that a shared user cant set their own fingerprints. Which I assume is probably a security precaution, but it took us a bit to figure out that for shared users only the primary account holder could set fingerprints by creating an internal user (not shared)

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There is a keypad on the Wyze Lock Bolt.

And you can generate a One Time code to let someone in.

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I understand your concerns/thoughts and perhaps future firmware releases may add some of those features.

As I said, for me, it is perfect. I am widowed and live alone. The only person that really ever needs to get in my house is my daughter. And she already has access through the garage.

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and you can’t time-fence it, either, for BnBs

“not allowed to enter unit with your code until after 3pm”

when you are away from home… it’ll lock itself automatically after 20 mins by default, if you forgot… so no need to check it at all
in the app, you can set it to as few as 2 mins, i think?

if you’re home, and the doors are open for light, it will still slide the bolt
if you later want to close that door, you will see the bolt extended, so you retract the bolt
after all, you’re standing right there!