Wyze Lock Bolt - First Impression

i suppose in crime-ridden areas, two locks on the door would be smart

if you want to use both locks, use the fingerprint and then use the remaining key

twice as fast as two keys, maybe 3x

Mine works great, BUT… only works for me!
If I go into setting and attempt to add a user, son, daughter, wife etc. It lets me add a name and as soon as I try to create an Access Code for them it 100% of the time fails. Times out saying bluetooth disconnected. Then after that happens I MIGHT be able to use the lock but usually I have to remove and reinstall the batteries to get the lock to connect to the app again. Works great for JUST ME though. I was able to delete kids as users but I can’t even delete my wife. Same thing happens… hangs and says bluetooth disconnected.

Seems the biggest problem with this lock is expectations.

It’s not a smart lock, stop expecting it to be one. It’s just a deadbolt with fingerprint/keypad instead of keys.

Good review. Agree with a lot.

This would be a fantastic product if they added the gateway for remote access. I just don’t get leaving this out for a smart lock,

Installed this afternoon on my primary door. I prefer no Wi-Fi access on my front door. Fingerprint, pin code and Bluetooth are perfect for me. The one-time access code is a great feature to allow an unexpected guest into my house when I’m away. I already have the wyze hms and door sensor so no chance of the door opening/closing without me knowing.


Oh, that matches nicely. It looks great with a good contrast on the red door. I like it.

Yes, this sounds like a perfect fit for you since you already have sensors, etc. :slight_smile:

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default is to not auto lock, 20 mins isn’t even an option. but my point is time based doesn’t make any sense if your door is open. sure if you live in an apartment where the doors typically close behind you thats fine. but most doors do not close behind you. leaving you with the annoying unlock the door before you close it type of action.

Wyze took the if it’s not broke, break it mentality on this lock. they could have for minimal cost added the same hardware and logic to auto lock only when closed that the original Wyze lock had.

It’s not good if the lock doesn’t know the door is open. If the door is open over about 5 minutes it ought to go crazy. And start making some phone calls.

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That sounds like a good way to drive the wife nuts when she just wants some natural light in the house LMAO.

In my neighborhood it’s not safe to do that.

That’s rough, we typically have our glass door closed and unlocked if we are home.
But everything is locked up tight when we leave. It could be the southern lifestyle. But that’s how everyone I know does it as well.

add a door sensor to get notified when the door is opened


I installed mine yesterday. Much to my surprise I saw the lock in my Alexa app when I opened it this morning. I got the same message as you lock unresponsive.
Hopefully someone at wyze will chime in on this issue.

UPDATE Got mine to work. Now allows me to add other users. I had to delete myself and recreate my lock profile. No it lets me add everyone else.

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Yeah, I technically have 2 door sensors on each door (one for Wyze and the alarm system, and one for Hubitat plus temp, etc). So I do that, and it’s a decent workaround for just the notifications, I would still love to have internet connectivity for other benefits, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me, which is why I have one of these. :wink: Just think of how awesome it would be if these had internet connectivity to allow us to have it set up so when we unlock the door with a certain fingerprint it not only unlocks the doors, but sets the thermostat to home, turns on the lights, disarms the alarm system and whatever else we set it up to do. This thing could be spectacular with internet. It’s still pretty cool as it is though.

Yes. Hopefully someone comes in and gives an update.

My first impressions are I’m very easy to install, no Wi-Fi connection is fine. Haven’t had much luck with the finger sensor. It only works 20% of the time is that. Auto lock is not working at the set time, if you use the door after the set time it seems to work then . It’s still new so hopefully and update will fix these issues.

Welcome to the forum @patrick09!

Try scanning your fingerprint slowly from many angles and different points of pressure in doing so O have had much better success using the bio-metric reader on the Wyze Safe and Lock Bolt

Some additional tips from the Product Knowledge Article
-Wipe the fingerprint sensor with a cloth to be sure it is clear of dust and debris.

-If you have dry skin, try using a drop of lotion to ensure an accurate reading of your fingerprint.

-Ensure you are covering the entire fingerprint sensor with your finger.
place your finger on the fingerprint sensor then lift it up and down, adjusting slightly each time to ensure a successful scan.

Also, when I set mine up, I registered my fingers from a different position (door open and standing to the side) than I would actually be using the fingerprint sensor (door closed and me standing directly in front of it). I had some detection issues initially because I was holding my finger at a slightly different way than how I had scanned them. When I redid the scanning exactly in the way I would be using it, it has worked almost flawlessly since.

I actually see it as a benefit. The cost of adding a strong, anti-pick lock would be considerable and who knows how the keying works. So you add a lot of complexity and cost and another point of failure/exploitation.

Would I have concern about using this lock at a place where there wasn’t a 2nd entry point? Yes. Tumbler lock and keys have a whole infrastructure built up around their usage that provides redundancy not available to electronic lock solutions.

tl;dr No physical key is actually a good thing but I still wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have backup entry point.