Wyze Lock Bolt - Edit Fingerprint Names

Let us name the Fingerprints that we add under Access Settings. For example, if my right index finger wasn’t responding properly, it would be useful to troubleshoot the fingerprint with that name, rather than Fingerprint 1, Fingerprint 2, etc…

You can name additional fingerprints with the Wyze Lock Bolt, or am I missing something? If you connect to the Wyze Lock Bolt, Click On Settings, Click on Access Settings, Click on Other Users and Tap on one of the Fingerprints. After you go to the detail screen for that Fingerprint, you can add the Name, set the Schedule Access, and provide an Access Code.

I’m not sure if we’re talking about different things or not… I know you can assign a user name when clicking Add a new user, but I want to be able to name the individual users’ fingerprints. They are automatically assigned generic names when adding fingerprints. I’ve attached a screenshot. Tapping on the fingerprints does nothing. I am using the Android beta app, version 2.31.0 (b142).

I think we are talking about similar things. If you back out one menu, you will be at the Access Settings screen. Then “Add a New User” and put a name and other info you would like. If you use the first option, which is the owner of the account, then all open and closed will appear as that owner. Possibly an alternative to what you are needing.

Not saying your Wish is not valid, just trying to provide an alternative now that I saw where you would like to do it.

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So, basically I have 2 users on my lock bolt. Each user has 4 fingerprints added. If you refer to my screenshot, I want to be able to edit their fingerprint names, not their user name. So “Fingerprint 1” would be “Right Index” and “Fingerprint 2” would be “Right Thumb” and so on…

It sounds like your workaround would be creating multiple user names for the same user, with the fingerprint info added as part of their user name. To be honest, I don’t like that all. But I may do it for now.

Yes, that is the work around. I do see the value in being able to add or change the name. I guess you could document which is Fingerprint 1, etc. but I think the lock will still only show the one name.

I voted for this, although I don’t own a Lock Bolt. Wyze Gun Safe provides the ability to rename fingerprints. Perhaps Wyze could port the Gun Safe fingerprint name editing code over to Lock Bolt.


I actually think it’s quite unusual that you can’t edit the fingerprint names. I worked in Data Center’s for 11 years, and we used biometrics for access control into our various facilities, as well as on many of our customer cage environments. It’s also commonplace on Google Pixel Phones with fingerprint sensors.

I’m not sure if there’s a technical limitation that would prohibit this feature being added, but if not, I know I’d appreciate it.


Instead of renaming the fingerprints why can I not just select from any of the ten fingers the vast majority have.

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Agreed, just having a preset list of finger names would probably be more convenient to use than a custom label.

Votered and bumped.

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How do we get this back into the list to be reevaluated? It’s been a year.

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Wyze Lock Bolt fingerprint names

Would like to be able to identify the fingerprints by name instead of by a number. Not knowing which finger is assigned to the number makes it impossible to delete the one that may not be working to redo it.

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