History view of Wyze Lock Bolt

I have a suggestion for the History view under Wyze Lock Bolt.

In the History, it currently shows the following for unlock events:
Unlocked - Manual
Unlocked - Fingerprint [user name]
Unlocked - Code

It would be very useful to show the user name for the code unlocks as well. I understand that another person could have used someone’s code, but if the lock was compromised, it would be good to know which user’s code was used so that that code can be disabled.

Great suggestion, make sure to hit the green vote button at the top!

Just installed. Firmware I too see an inconsistency in the history log. Unlocking using fingerprint or code gets logged with name. Locking using fingerprint or code does get logged but with no name. Hopefully something the software engineers can update via OTA. Besides that, product is excellent. More reviews and feedback to come.

I think the reason locking events are not logged without names is that locking does not require a passcode or fingerprint. You just have to press the lock button. It took me a while to figure that out.

Ah! OK. Thanks!

“Unlocked - Code” events are showing the username for me.

App 2.34.0-beta

New owner, so I can’t comment on when this started.


Thanks for testing it. I just confirmed that my lock now shows the user name for code unlocks as well. I never updated the FW so it must have been a change in the App that addressed this.