Wyze Lock: Better Details of Events

I really like the Wyze lock minus a few minor issues I am working on with support. With that being said I would like to see more details about lock events in notifications and the Wyze App. If anyone that has access comes home and they unlock the door automatically or via the app it would be nice to know who it was in the notification and be able to see it as well in the app history. A good example would be the August app which gives you the event and then tells you who triggered the event with their picture.
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I have the new Wyze Lock. I noticed that when somebody (my son, daughter or wife) unlocks the lock the log only shows “Unlocke - Remote” but it does not show WHO unlocked the lock. I did notice that if the lock is unlocked “locally” it will show “Unlocked - Local” and it DOES show the email of who unlocked the lock. Why does it now show who unlocked the lock REMOTE?


I agree with this app enhancement and would like to it. I installed August locks at my elderly parents place before Wyze had a solution. The August app is definitely a good starting point as an example. The Wyze app must have a way to manage guest keys to the lock. Not only with name and contact information but with a date and time frame that can setup for repeatability. How else can you use the Wyze lock for renters and/or contractors coming in and out of your home and then know who it was that accessed the property. Without this small enhancement the Wyze app is only a blue tooth key to your home. Not very user friendly YET. This should only be a software/app update to change. Come on Wyze, impress me!

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I use my Wyze Lock to let caregivers and cleaners enter my house while I’m away to help my disabled parent. I’d like to pay the caregivers based on the time they spend in the house. It would be great to be able to export door lock events to a CSV so that I can filter on when the caregivers entered and left each day they were there.

Agreed! The ability to export a detailed log of who used the lock when and how - "Bob used the keypad to unlock at 13:12… Susan used the app to lock at 13:18… " etc. (obviously in CSV format, not prose)

Lock via keypad logs for share codes

Lock logs should display shared code ID rather than simply note unlock or lock events. Notifications for keypad use do display which “user” share code was employed but that isn’t noted on log history inside the app.