Just installed Lock Bolt -- a question

It’s very cool, and like others, I am hopeful there will be a way to connect it to a hub for remote access, or even link it via Bluetooth to an existing or spare computer which can then allow remote access.
But my main question-- I like that it shows the history of access & usage, but I noticed that it only shows that usage history that happens when the Lock Bolt and my phone are connected via Bluetooth. I was hopeful that the history log would be stored & transferred the next time they connect, but it doesn’t appear to be the case. Or am I doing something wrong?

When I connect, the history transfers to my phone. So I can see what transpired when not connected. But I see nothing until the device connects to the Lock Bolt


Very funny, I tried this multiple times, and I did accesses with Bluetooth off, and phone too far away, etc. and nothing worked to show activity when not connected. Finally I wrote that forum post question. Then you write your response, and so I launch the Wyze app and go into the lock bolt and now there are all the history events that didn’t sync before.
I work in IT for a living, and this happens to other people all the time when they finally ask for my help, I show up, and suddenly it’s working. I’m just not used to it happening to me :blush:

:rofl: I work in IT as well and trust me, I know what you are saying. Glad it is working now. :+1: