Sense Hub & Wyze Lock Deadbolt

I understand not having WiFi…but why not have the Lock Bolt connect to the Sense Hub and make it “smart” that way with routines etc?

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One of the issues some of the community members had when the first lock was released was they didn’t like that it was connected to the internet as a lot of people that don’t have an understanding of security protocols think it is as easy as movies make it seem to break into a camera to view it or to get through authentications to get into any network. With that said there were many people that mentioned that they would be interested in a lock from the company that was capable and did not have internet access. Sadly because the way they currently work, commands are run through the cloud, you would have to have internet access to do any of the rules or tricks.
I wish they were local as well just because everything would be a lot quicker that way but currently it’s not that way. But I digress,
For now this kind of placates the other people that were unhappier with the version one plus adds the fingerprint sensor, but I have seen many people talking about requesting a hub for the bolt. Which would effectively make it an optional smart device so to speak capable of everything the version one lock would do in theory. The key there being optional. I’m sure if enough people were interested in something like that and there was a wish list having made the company would definitely look into it.


I think an optional hub or something would be amazing! The reason I didnt get the first one was due to design and bulkiness. The new one is perfect and a hub or BT repeater that could connect either standalone or to the Sense Hub would be perfect and everyone can win!

Please Wyze!!

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I believe this is something that has been mentioned enough that surely the company has taken notice. If it’s possible I have no doubt that it’s something that is being looked into or has been looking to. But sadly I can’t say I know anything officially as I don’t. I only know as much as they release publicly. But I am looking forward to the possibility

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