Wyze lock bolt access codes not working and unable to configure fingerprints

The wyze lock bolt access codes i’ve created do not allow me to lock or unlock the device. Have gone through deleting and readding device and resetting up these access codes and same result.

I can lock / unlock device from app over bluetooth connection only. If i try and setup fingerprint option it just says “ Loading…” for 2-3mins than says failed.

Seems like if i made it to point where i could lock / unlock with app and could load access codes i should at least be able to use access codes to operate it at this point.

Have deleted device, put it in pairing mode, and retried setup which made no difference in results.

. . . so the fix was to pull off the back plate and address fact that wire harness connector from outside facing fingerprint and numeric keypad input side of lock had come undone from backplate side of lock. This would logically explain why i could operate lock with app and add access codes but they wouldn’t work and why attempt to start add fingerprint setup procedure timed out.

Interesting that that neither telephone or chat support contacts i reached out to suggested i check that connector given the issue that was arising. I might expect i’m not the only person who made this end user installer error.


This is the first time I’ve seen anyone mention it. Thanks for updating with your solution, it does make sense and I am sure it will come in handy for someone in the future when a similar issue arises.