Wyze light socket?

I have lights that have sockets that are sunk in. the wyze light socket is not long enough to screw into the sockets. Is there an extender that will work? All the ones i see have the same problem as my light socket-they have a rim around the top that prevents the wyze light socket from being able to be screwed in far enough to connect to the power… any recommendations to fix this?

Not sure how large of an extender you need, but here is something on Amazon:


You can search for Light Socket Extender and pick one appropriate for you.


Are you in the US? Is this a international issue?

In the usa. The problem with the recommended extenders is the same as my light socket though-they have a rim that prevents me from screwing the light socket all the way in. I am going to have to return them if I can’t find an extender without the rim.