Wyze is offline and can’t reset

I’ve unplugged for several seconds and when I plug back in the red lights is in and then it goes black. Done this on 4 cameras (have 7 total) and they all do the same, red light for a few seconds then nothing. Is there a monthly/yearly fee that has to be paid for them to work? My credit card changed recently but can’t find anything about payment info in the app. App shows all cameras offline with a cloud and a line through it. Any help would be appreciated.

One more strange thing, I will occasionally hear one camera turn on with red light then shut off unprompted. Is my camera hacked?

No, all Wyze products will work without a subscription.

Take one and go through setup again. See if that helps.

Also they all went offline at the same time

And if running setup on one does not help. Restart your entire network. And when we say your entire network always, always like this:

  1. Turn off your router/unplug power.

  2. Turn off/unplug power to your cable modem. Give it 2 minutes or so.

  3. Plug your cable modem back in and wait at least two minutes for it to boot, and obtain an IP address from your ISP.

  4. Plug your router back in and let it connect to your cable modem.

  5. After a minute or two, check some of your other non-Wyze devices to see if they are back up on the Internet.

  6. Now close your Wyze app and reopen it. Wish a fresh “open”, its polling for signals and connections to your camera and sensors.

Rule of thumb with Internet. Always before you start trying to find a cause some place else? Restart everything. Get a fresh ISP/Internet connection and ALWAYS from the outside to the inside. Always from the ISP towards your house to your desktop/laptop/tabet/WiFi device. Think of it like your car? Car won’t start, but it cranks? Do we have gas? Check the most straight forward highest level or where the source is. Hope this helps.

7.  Now try adding that one Wyze device going through setup again as Carver suggested.    I like his idea for first because it saved you time.
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The similarity here tells me to go up river and start troubleshooting there, like with your internet service, wifi network or is there a power outage where your camera are installed. @Sam_Bam has a good checklist of things to try.

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I went through the same thing. It Hass to do with the security update. Here’s what I did. I unplugged my router and started a hotspot with my cell phone with the same exact name and password as the router. Camera connected to it, and started to do some troubleshooting. The big thing is if your Wi-Fi is hidden it’s having issues connecting.

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This was the issue, my router for whatever reason booted my cameras off and I couldn’t reconnect to the wifi. So I reset my router and that fixed the problem. I should have known since another appliance was booted off wifi also but not all my connected devices got booted. Weird. But thanks to all who chimed in with your suggestions, thank you

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Yes, he was right. Thanks

Yes it was the router wifi connection. Thanks