Wyze Cam v3- can't get past blinking red light

I bought the Wyze v3, downloaded the app, got the camera started and everything seemed to be working fine. Then I moved the camera around, and noticed it was no longer working- the scene it was monitoring was frozen at a certain time but not viewing new movement or anything. I tried unplugging it… nothing. I can’t get past the blinking red light when it’s plugged back in. On the monitor it says device is offline (my wifi is fine) and to power cycle the camera. If that just means unplugging it and plugging it back in, it’s not working. Any advice? TIA

Didvyoubtry to re sink the camera back to the app?,at 1 site we had a similar problem and it was the router,power cycled the router,then after itbwas back,power cycled the camera and it went back on line,issue resolved