Wyze is Junk

I am waiting for Wyze to fix the reconnection bug before I make a purchase.

I was able to purchase one without a subscription, however when I tried to activate (register?) it, I couldn’t get past the screen to subscribe to monitoring.
Wyze support said a monitoring subscription was required, a quick Google seemed to confirm that. So I returned the hub, but had to keep the sensors because my dog ate the box :slight_smile:

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Don’t run the monitoring setup…just run add a device. That by-passes all the Home Monitoring junk and just connects the hub to your account.


These are well known faults with wyze cams of all types.

Maybe explain your wifi system and layout to help others out.

Given this has been going on forever, I seriously doubt it’s all user error. Particularly with hundreds, if not
thousands analyzing their wifi systems to determine the source of the problem as I have. No error in wifi
signal or strength. Simply the cams losing connection from what I can tell.

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So, I started having the hub reconnection problem since last fall. I logged DOZENS and dozens of times it would randomly go out and not come back online unless I restarted the hub. I was even the one to submit that to Fix-it-Friday.

I can’t speak for everyone, but my hub hasn’t been having a reconnection issue recently, like for more than a month, maybe 2 (whenever that last major Wyze issue was). My ISP even went out within the last week and my hub turned back on as normal without requiring a restart. I wonder if they resolved something in their backend. :man_shrugging:

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That is good to hear.

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I’ve got Wyze cams in two different locations, with two different cable ISP’s. Both have a mix of cameras (V2’s, V3’s and a V3 Pan), and one system also has a Wyze thermostat. Some cameras are inside, some are outside. One location is in a desert location, where the summer temps exceed 100 F for days on end. Those cameras haven’t failed. The other location is in a mountainous area, and subject to subfreezing/subzero temperatures and snow. Both locations have their ISP’s gigabit service.
One location uses a two piece Netgear Orbi mesh network, the other a single Netgear router. Both locations are using the same modem, an ARRIS S3,
I get alerts from both locations, I can randomly look at any of my cameras at anytime, and have yet to find them off-line for an unknown reason. All have SD cards and I can go back and look through the saved video.

I’m not an IT professional, I have done nothing other than set up all this equipment as per the instructions given,

So you tell me why I’m not experiencing any problems, but SO MANY here can’t figure it out? And if you all hate it so much, why not just get rid of it and get something you like? Is it really easier to complain and not get what you want then to just get something else? Is it really worth it to you?

True …

If anyone could explain why you’re not having problems yet so many others are, there wouldn’t be any problems, but your case is a rarity, obviously. We’re all hoping for a problem free experience, if you need to be told that. I’d imagine it would be good for Wyze to investigate that themselves, but apparently making that effort isn’t important to them. When they do comment, it’s usually just fluff.

First, the problems most of us are experiencing only show themselves after multiple cams are installed. My initial experience with 1 cam was good. Even the 2nd and 3rd. But when I added the other 4, things started screwing up. By then, more often than not, it’s after the return window so we’re making an effort to resolve the issues with products we already own, and can’t return. Screwing around with channels, routers, locations, etc., takes time. Simply throwing them out without making some effort to solve the problems is nonsensical, yet logical to you somehow. And as with any technology, seldom do things work as they’re promoted, and wyze certainly fits that description.

And because you’re not having any problems doesn’t mean others aren’t, or everyone is doing it wrong except you. It means there’s a problem with the product that Wyze can’t offer any help with, let alone solve. And it’s not a matter of “getting something you like”, since none of us know what will actually work for us until we buy and install them, which is the case with Wyze.


He’s busy.

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Fluff indeed…

That was my initial experience as well until I replaced my aging Netgear router for a more modern WiFi 6, then all my problems disappeared.

In no way am I implying that your problems are local network related, but most of users including myself in the past, suffer from that.



I’ll have you know I have something very deep and relevant to say but withheld it. How about that?

Apologies if you weren’t referring to my comment. :wink:

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I have 6 Wyze cams, 2 ring cams and Simplisafe cam at the location with the Orbi mesh, 3 Wyze cams and a Simplisafe cam at the location with a single Netgear router.
So I’m dealing with plenty of cameras…

The forum was more divisive at the time the linked comment was created, but it does address some of the same issues discussed here. :slight_smile:

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That would be trying to prove a negative. How do you document that basically nothing is happening?

Hey Bob

Do you think my argument holds water?
Is it persuasive, rhetorically?

I suspect it may be flawed, but rhetorically I think it’s ok.

I think it’s possible to make a correct assessment without perfect logic.

At any rate, it’s an honest take, not an attempt to manipulate.

My hope/intent: deepen understanding. evoke good questions

Plus fun :playground_slide:

Not referring to your argument…

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