Wyze is Junk

Wyze has proven themselves useless and extremely unreliable.

Constantly turning themselves off, going to privacy mode, incapable of detecting motion by the subject in the view of 5 cameras of a variety of types. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

Had a tweeker ride his bike right past 5 cams and nothing. This crap is junk.

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Just for members to see. Base sta. Are dispoable if hacked . Cant reset to put on new acct. Wyze made that way. Guarrenteed continual income. Trief to post pic of chat verifing this but cant upload

Not totally true. If you delete the cams and then the base from your account while they are on line you can set them up on a different account. If they are deleted while offline nobody including the original account owner can set them up again. It’s been that way since day one when the cams were release.


seems like the outdoor V1/V2 cams w/base are discontinued now anyway. Time for an upgrade.

I already have V3, V3 Pro and V4 cams also. When my four version one WCO die off some day I will not purchase anymore battery powered cams. I still use all four and they have served me well.

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This is weird. You got “hacked?” But then it implies the “thief” got your basestation and stole from you? So they’re a “thief” and a “hacker”? Why is a thief still chatting with you about what they stole from you? How did a local thief then get your account credentials? Is it like a family member or ex-roommate or something?

And then, if they stole your basestation, why would you want it to be able to be setup by the thief later? I’d want it to stay locked up and useless to them. Why are you upset at Wyze that they won’t allow a thief to use something they stole from you?

Sorry, I’m obviously just a little confused.

As stated above, the WCO’s and the base station can indeed be used another account if done properly. The account owner has to delete them from the account while they are online and have internet access. Then they can be used by anyone else on any other account. This is an anti-theft protection. Now if someone steals your camera it’s worthless to them.

As for preventing someone getting into your account, you need to not use recycled credentials and should turn on 2FA. If you have a unique password and 2FA turned on, people won’t get into your accounts in the future through credential stuffing. This is why Wyze just barely turned on mandatory 2FA for everyone (though they allow people to turn it back off again). Most “Hackers” nowadays are just “credential stuffers” who find leaked passwords from a different website and then enter those same passwords into other sites to see if someone reused the same password on their other accounts. I guess it is a kind of hacking since it against someone’s permission, but even a 10 year can do that, so it doesn’t really take any skill like we like to think of with “hackers”.


Welcome first time poster.

Hope you come back with more info.

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Hey @carverofchoice I think you got lost in translation :rofl:

What James is trying to say is: “Just for members to see. Base stations are disposable if hacked. Can’t reset to put on a new acct. Wyze made them that way. Guarrenteed continual income. Tried to post a pic of chat verifying this but can’t upload.”

Obviously written word not his strongest suit :slight_smile: The picture he’s attached is from the chat session with support.


I am definitely waiting for Wyze to resolve the reconnecting issue before I even look at a hub.

I was sorry to see my old sense units become useless. Now I wonder if my non-working 2019 Wyze bulbs are facing the same fate. :frowning_face:

I might be wrong, but I think Wyze doesn’t offer the hub anymore.

If that is true, maybe that is a good thing.

I might have called it a hub by mistake. The current sense hub is what I am referring to. I saw it in the shop recently.

I though you’re referring to Outdoor Cam Hub :slight_smile:

Actually I was wrong. The V1 ia sold out but they still have the V2.

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No problem.

All of my cams are inside looking out in a temperature controlled environment.

I was looking to replace my door sensors and that sense hub seems my only option.

I was going to do the same but it is a challenge with casement windows, so I mount the outside under the porch and covered garage. They’re pretty well sheltered from the elements and direct sunlight.

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I placed two of mine behind their separate storm windows. I might someday video a hurricane :cyclone: going down the street. Then again, I hope not.

Yes! I was very lost/confused, hence why I requested clarification. :slight_smile: thanks


Been using a variety of Wyze cams for years and never had any of these problems. Sounds like user error.

Am I correct that the hub requires a subscription?

I only wanted temp & water sensors for my cottage, but don’t want monitoring.

No. Lots of people use the hub without a subscription, including my brother, who also has both temp and leak sensors with the Wyze hub but no subscription.

Having said that, sometimes it hard to find a hub without a subscription coming with it. Wyze has sold them without a subscription from time to time though. Other times you could only get them bundled with a subscription, though some people would just choose not to activate the subscription (I did this when I bought a starter pack off TikTok), or some would just cancel it immediately upon setup.

I haven’t checked recently if there are any available without a subscription though.

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Looks like you can: