Buyer beware

Had 2 outdoor V2 cameras. On stop working wyze sent a replacement. It lasted about a month delt with tech support and refused to fix it send replacement. Had a few of their regular V2 cameras stop working also outside of warranty. Spend the extra money on another brand for a better quality product.

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Wyze decision, unless you are into troubleshooting after updates… :thinking:

I agree Wyze cams are not for everyone. But, that doesn’t mean they are don’t buy. They’re just not for everyone like every product ever made. There’s always a post like this one :slight_smile:

Lol your post is irrelevant. Re-read what I wrote. I’m talking about wyze quality control and then replacing their defective products. In mass production I guess it’s ok with you to crap on the those who get lemons?? Where you aware their first models has a major security flaw and kept it secret, probably not

LOL- More like Minor flaw, the flaw was on the LAN
So only if they were physically on your routers network.

I’m always looking at the competition though, eventually I will move on to hopefully better brand. Won’t be getting anymore and as the 26 cameras drop they will be replaced with the spares I got on a 2 for the price of 1 deal… Then after that something new other than Wyze.

I know what you are referring to, but that would not be considered a major security flaw. When people write stuff like this, I often wonder if they are working for, or invested in, the company of a competitor.

I’ve had a coupla cams fail after many years of use. I currently have a V2 that is routinely needing a “kick the plug” reboot. It is outside. and, has been taking a beating from the sun for years.

Perhaps, you were somehow tricked into buying from the 4 star rating on Amazon…

Yep probably lol

Yeah, sounds like just like I said. There’s someone like this for every product lol. I’m done replying to you.

So dont reply, no reason for your comment in the first place. I cant help if you did not understand the point I was making. Good luck with your firmware updates. They should come with a disclaimer too, “update at your own risk… firmware may brick device” lol

Bought the bundle with the base station and 4 outdoor cams v2. Within 4 months 3 of the 4 cameras stopped working. The 4th cam was inside.
WYZE needs to either abandon these cams or do a complete redesign because what they have now is garbage!

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I agree with you. The idea is great but the products need that quality.

I was looking at one of the labels on mine the other day, made in China. Made in China cause it’s cheapest production possible.

Hopefully wyze sent you replacements

Kind of what Wyze is known for… Inexpensive products?


What is your issue on the old out of warranty cameras?

Yes look at other camera manufacturers.
Idk, it was a replacement for one that, guess what, stopped working, sent another and was good for about a month then stopped. Won’t charge no lights completely dead. Oh recently updated the firmware on a v3 and now just has solid red light. So another one to the list.