Wyze home security system

Hi all,

It seems wyze home security bundle is much cheaper that its competitors, is this too good to be true or these lack some features in comparison.
Apologies i’m new to the home security systems and trying to see if wyze has almost same features plus one year of subscription then i would go with this.

Thanks in advance.

What specific features are you looking for?
It will do basic functions of an alarm system. system.
Here’s some features:

Wyze Home Monitoring Features

24/7 professional monitoring

24/7 emergency dispatch available

New security-focused hardware

Battery backup in hub

Works with Wyze Cams( Wyze Cam v2/v3, Wyze Cam Pan, Wyze Cam Outdoor)

Integrated video events

Ever-growing cloud-based AI assisted alerts

In-app arming panel

Sensor status dashboard

Monitoring events summary

Critical Alerts (iOS only)

Home and Away monitoring modes

Test Mode

Monitoring certificate for home insurance discounts

Single-tap export of video events


Wyze Sense Hub connects all sensors to the Wyze app and has a built-in siren to ward off would-be intruders. Placed in a central location of the home, Wyze Sense Hub can connect to the internet via WiFi or ethernet and has battery backup should it lose power.


Arm and disarm the system directly from the Wyze Sense Keypad. With an adhesive back, Wyze Sense Keypad is mounted on a wall near the door, making it easy to arm and disarm the system without having to open the Wyze app. The LED back lit keys will light up when someone walks near the Keypad, making it easy to find at night.

Entry Sensor

Place the Wyze Sense Entry sensor on doors and any ground-floor windows to be notified if one is opened or left open.

Motion Sensor

Place the Motion Sensor around your home to be notified when motion is detected within the 25 ft and 120° FOV detection zone. With adjustable sensitivity settings and alternative “Large pet installation” instructions, Wyze Motion Sensor is designed to detect people, not pets. The adhesive back makes it easy to install on walls with the option to use screws for added security.

If there’s any features or ideas you have that currently not available, add them to the #wishlist if they’re not there already!

Thanks, what is the estimated shipping time for this.

You can pre-order the home monitoring service now and get the core starter kit free. The service will start and the kit will ship in April.

The Wyze cam V2, Pan and outdoor are available now on Wyze.
The V3 will be available when it officially launches, no date has been announced yet.