Wyze home- rent your wyze smart home

Hi Team,

I have bought a lot of security devices from wyze. My home is covered with carefully planned entry sensors, motion sensors, cameras covering all exterior and interior areas. The idea is to have maximum peace of mind when I am in or outside the home.

In a few months, I will rent out my place. In the current scheme, the rent either to has to use my security system or his own. Most probably he would want to use mine. Even if he is uninterested in security systems, he would want to have control over the devices just to safely turn them off.

Could you please enable the wyze app to handover control of security monitoring, indoor cameras from owner to renter and back.
The current process to do this is for the renter to manually reset and pair the 30 sensors around the home (door, window entry and motion), then using a ladder, reset and pair outdoor cameras, which is frustrating. In addition to that he also needs to reset the smart plugs and bulbs. Adding to the frustration, is when the renter changes or if the owner needs them back, the process has to repeat.
The request is to be able to do this easily in the app, probably by adding a “handover all smart wyze devices for an year” option.
An easy example would be similar to creating a home in the Google home app. The home has all devices. When you want to add someone, add them and they will get access to all devices and features. You can also exit so that they are the owners until they wish.