Wyze Home Monitors System - 50% off - Amazon

Just saw an ad. Wyze Home Monitoring System $49.98 shipped.

Core kit: Hub, Keypad, 1 Motion Sensor, 2 Door Sensors
(Subscription Required)

But why? Why would it suddenly be 50% off, unless this is a prelude to dumping stock, because new version is coming soon. Standard practice? How old is this version? New version due?

Its definitely a good price. No question about it. Shucks, the keypad by itself sells for $25.00
(And, no, I did not jump on it. I’m still a V1 Sense guy.)

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Sounds like a good guess to me. The V2 cameras are discontinued and it looks like the V3 is next. I got a pair of V3s a few weeks ago for $57.98 plus shipping. Hmmm???

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CamelCamelCamel shows this to be a flash sale that has happened before:



Wyze have it out of stock. Is it really a stock shortage or are they about to discontinue?

The Amazon price is over…now $96.

I purchased my HMS system when it first launched in December of 2020. So 2.5 years old.

I wouldn’t think a new version was coming but… you never know. If it is would love to see a control panel.

But… I still have a number of V1 sensors deployed and connected to the Wyze Sense Hub. I have also had a number of the contact sensors drain the batteries, for me… they have not browned out like they did connected to the V1 Hub that plugged into the v2 Camera or Cam Pan V1.

So it has offered some longevity to the V1 sensors.

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@R.Good Me too. Said before, I am a V1 guy. I have some that battery died and swapped battery and prayed. And came right back up. Of course not 100%. I have one or two that died a permanent death, and a battery didn’t help.

But I cheated. You know, when you have a back up plan, you don’t need a back up plan. I have two boxes of not been opened V1 motion sensors. I sometimes take the box and walk around to the V1s that are in use and gloat. I shake the box and say, uh-huh, I got your replacement "rat ‘ear’, just waiting for you to go to that Wyze cloud in the sky and I will stand up these new ones in your place. Don’t tell my V1’s that I am bluffing. Some how it works, the keep working.

I’ve got the camera with the V1 bridge on a WiFi switch so it will restart early every morning too.

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All I can say, is I hope not.

My system is 2yrs old, (by subscription data)