Wyze Home is unavailable right now - Google Home

For the past two days, I have been unable to control any Wyze devices through Google Home. Today I saw on the forum that there was a network issue (I had also noticed devices out of sync with the app status) but that appears to be resolved as of yesterday. I have removed and reconnected Wyze Home from Google several times, and reset/restarted many devices to no avail. Is it possible this Network issue is still not fully resolved? It seems to be a cloud connectivity issue between Google and Wyze. Device control through the app is fully functional. I also I updated to the latest Android version on 12/19, although that was after this issue started on 12/18.

Having the same issue…,
Getting really irritated, I just bought a Wyze bundle (3 bulbs, ! Cam V2, 2 smart plugs, 2 door sensors and 1 movement sensor) ordered the Cam V3 and paid for a year of Camplus…
Now I am asking myself if I made a mistake.

I am having the same issue with Google Home. I unlinked it earlier, reconnected it and had everything working again but tonight it was back to saying Wyze Home is unavailable. My Wyze stuff seems fine when being controlled from Amazon devices though.