Wyze Headphones - "Individual Upgrade only"

Hello Everyone,

Got the headphones today. Love them. Excellent. Best $50 I’ve spent in awhile.

Question on the firmware updating… the app says that the headphones have an update to ver. 2.1.182 but they are currently at 2.1.105. And the app says “Individual Upgrade only”. What exactly does that mean?

(edit: firmware to ver 2.1.182)

Thank You for any help.


I think individual upgrade means upgrade one device at a time, whereas the other Wyze devices can do a group upgrade all at once


I’m not able to upgrade to this higher version in any way. It does not appear to be available to me.

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The individual upgrade only means you cannot do it from the bulk upgrade screen, you must go into the headphone settings then device info then firmware.


@WyzeJasonJ is correct, my assumption is due to the headphones not connecting to WiFi but Bluetooth. Same with the Wyze Scale.

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That is what my assumption is as well. The problem is going directly to the headphones firmware area DOES NOT upgrade them.

I understand that you can’t bulk upgrade it. But you can’t individually upgrade it either.

Anyone else have an idea?

My headphones were supposed to be delivered yesterday, then today… still have not received them. When I do, I’ll share my findings.

In the app, check Account > Firmware upgrade.
Does it show up there?

No, that’s what I’m saying… I can’t upgrade it in either place.

I’m having the same issue. The update is showing through the bulk account firmware update, but when I click on it updates nothing and just goes to the main headphone page. No firmware option through the headphone setting.

I have the same thing showing up for me. I have an android phone not sure if its just the android app. If you connect to the headphones then go into the settings and then select device info you will see that its already on the latest firmware version (2.1.105). However in the bulk fw update window it shows its on 2.1.82 and needs to be updated to 2.1.105.

Same issue here! Tapping upgrade brings up headphone then settings device shows 2.1.105 the new version!?? But still shows individual upgrade