Wyze headphones do not power on

I bought the noise canceling headphones a while back, but never really used them until now. I used them three times and they were great. But now they won’t power on. I’ve charged them in between each use. I know they have a charge, the light is green. I’ve even charged them over night just to make sure.

Once I unplug them. Wait about a minute before turning them on, nothing. No light, not sound, no anything. Press and hold, nothing. I found on wyze support to press and hold the button on the other side for 7 seconds to reset them. That didn’t do anything. I press it for 30 seconds. Same thing.

I wrote a trouble ticket and submitted it to wyze. Unless they are extremely busy, they haven’t reply yet. It’s been about three weeks.

May be someone on here has an idea for me to try. It’s been frustrating. I have almost all wyze stuff. But I don’t know if that is now a bad idea.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

I have the most luck with support by calling them.

Copied from a Maven:
It’s best to call early as soon as they open. Most users have been successful using the support call line.

Wyze Support:

Live Customer Support 1 (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Thanks. I’ll try to call first thing tomorrow morning.

I had a similar issue. Followed the steps but they never powered up. Finally got them to power back on by pressing the power button repeatedly. I think it took about 30 presses before the light came on. They seemed to work fine until I recharged them and once again back to failing to power up after unplugging from the charger. Had to follow the same procedure to get them back on. There is an obvious problem that tech support has no solution for. I don’t know how wide spread this issue is.