Wyze Headphones - Bad Sound with ANC mode ON

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a problem with my Headphones on my PC only when ANC mode ON.
No such problems while using there headphones with a phone.

The problem is that when I turn ANC on, sound becomes very “flat” with almost no bass at all.

Things I did trying to resolve this issue:

  • updated headphones firmware to beta
  • updated my laptop drivers to latest version
  • upgraded my laptop wifi/bluetooth card to Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (Bluetooth 5.1)
  • uninstalled bluetooth drivers and devices (cleared the registry), installed/added them back again

No luck after all the attempts.

Looking for more ideas to try.


The fun thing when using your headphones and around a PC is the ambient noise the headphones pick up. The controller for ANC may be noticing the fan whine or some higher pitch noise. So it turns up the high tones and lowers the base to help block out that sound.

I have seen that happen with other headphones since computers have a much different noise profile than other devices.

thought about it also, but sitting on the same spot and listening music from my phone doesn’t affect the music quality at all

switch to PC and immediately sound is “flat”

I’m happy that latest firmware has “ANC OFF” mode, it helps to exclude ambient sound a little and doesn’t affect the quality