Headphones: Disable ANC using button

Add option to completely disable ANC using the physical button. No offense, but it’s ridiculous to require going into the app to do this, it’s basic functionality for any ANC headphones.

The headphones should also remember which setting they were on each time they turn on (if they don’t already).

It would be ideal if the ANC could be turned off completely if wanted. The options now require ANC to be on in some capacity.

When using the 8mm headphone wire, can the headphones be used while powered off?

I use mine with or without the headphones on or off plugged into 8mm audio wire connected to the tv.

Exactly. I want to be able to turn it off completely. The transparency mode actually magnifies the sound using the microphone. So it makes it worse.
Have a long press of the button ‘Cancel’ the noise cancellation :slight_smile:

Yeah +1.
At home I just want to hear some music with no NC.
I agree that transparency mode is music wise not an ideal experience because it picks up no sound and makes interference.
I have to add that listening to music with low sound settings sort of makes the noise Canceling overwhelm the music. Sort of weird when there is absolutely no sound around.

Will the bluetooth audio work when the audio cable is connected. in other words, both sources simultaneously?

Plugging in the cable powers the headphones off so no. You can still listen to music but the headphones are then passive.