Wyze Headphones are dropping sounds with low volume

I have noticed that when listening to Wyze headphones over bluetooth, the audio is not as rich and clear as it is over wire. I let my son use the headphones for a while and he noticed the problem also.

I was curious to know if low volume signals get dropped on bluetooth and wired, or if it was just the bluetooth. So we did some testing. Here are some of our combined notes.

Minecraft Bluetooth

  • ambient sounds and music (or other audio) that has low volume are being dropped or clipped
  • sound does not seem to be affected by the ANC (On or Off)
  • I can get used to it, but going to/from anything else shows how much the bluetooth is lacking

Minecraft Wired

  • quiet sounds can be heard and are very clear and crisp
  • I feel immersed in the environment

Bluetooth in general

  • high latency
  • the sound effect that plays when you adjust volume (Windows) gets cut off

Wired in general

  • no latency (or unnoticeable)
  • the sound effect that plays when you adjust volume (Windows) does not get cut off

For comparison, another headset (Mindustry) was used:

Mindustry Bluetooth ANC On

  • Quietest sounds fragmented or entirely gone
  • Most sounds seem as if they are being cut off once the sound gets quieter
  • sharp sounds seem to echo very slightly

Mindustry Bluetooth ANC Off

  • sounds echo less
  • largely the same as ANC On (Indistinguishable in a quiet room)

Mindustry Wired

  • Quiet sounds are not cut off or fragmented
  • sounds are full, and satisfying, they sound like they are actually happening

I am wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem.

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Yes, it sounds like the Wyze headphones are aggressively noise cancelling, but they’re cancelling the valid music signal. Basically, unusable unless there is a setting I can’t find.

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