Wyze Headphones AUX input has strange issues

I just got my Wyze Headphones from microcenter.
They are pretty nice headphones, they stay on my ear and they sound great.
The AUX input though… What happened?
It sounds completely different like a really bad surround sound effect was applied.
I noticed this when using it with the oculus quest 2
I thought it was a fluke with the quest or maybe the cable, tried different devices, same thing.
I can’t tell how AUX is supposed to work.
If you power off the headset, you get the raw input from the AUX directly to the drivers (no power) and it sounds terrible since its bypassing all the DSPs.
If you have the headset on it does let you use ANC and everything works but then this terrible effect hurts it. Like someone killed all the vocals and its just a very steep “V” shape sound.
I’m not imagining this, I could switch between my iphone’s bluetooth connection and the aux connected to the official lightning to 3.5mm and its a night and day difference.
Let me know if you guys experience the same thing, maybe I have a lemon.

Figured it out, the aux input is inverting one of the channels causing this cancelation of the “center” imaging.
Wyze needs to update the firmware OR my headphone needs to be replaced.

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I have this same exact issue. Was there ever a fix?