Wyze has really lost their way

I have recommended Wyze since this first pan cam years ago when they created their company based on the premise of subscription free service.

I upgraded my cams to OG but needed to start recording 24/7 to catch vandalism by a neighbor. Wyze states you can still do this with a free plan. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t access those recordings on any of the 3 cameras! The livestream works fine…but that’s about it.

Suddenly my network is not stable ( never an issue before when I PAID for service or received free years of service).

I do see events in my log …so I know it worked fine to take pics… with the words…BUY SUBSCRIPTION TO UNLOCK!

Wyze is no different than any other service now. Their unending popups to buy a subscription plan make navigation annoying as well.

What happened Wyze? Your company use to differentiate from the competition. Not anymore.


Reality hit. Wyze could not stay in business strictly on extremely low margin on sales. The subscriptions allowed them to keep the doors open - and your cameras to be still available and supported.


You must not have been around when the company started. Also… 2nd issue .the 24/7 recording to SD card is not accessible either. Thank you for your opinion.

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Not on day 1, but not long after that. My camera 01 was activated 2 May, 2018.

Are you saying the function does not work, or is your WiFi so poorly that it does not work?

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I was having trouble accessing video on my sd card. I unplugged & plugged back in. It seems to be working fine now.

To me the cams are relatively inexpensive as is the 99 license cloud storage.

The functionality is in many ways better than my Nest cams
so I continue to be ‘mostly happy’ using my Wyze gear.

Sure there are some challenges, … sure everything can be better … I am sure that many companies would like to provide more … faster …

… but I also have similar challenges with all of my other devices including my $1600 iPhone … and $4000 Macbook Pro.

so far the challenges have been manageable within expectations at the various device price points… from various vendors …

I have been involved with home automation, … since the early 1990s with X10…

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The function does not work on any of the 3 cameras I have tried so far which makes them useless unless you pay for service. I have 6 cameras total and at 2.99 monthly x 6 that equals $216.00 yearly.

I have tried many tutorials…including reformatting cards… resetting devices but nothing works.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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@jcarradine2020 as the Wyze employee who dramatically dropped the price on the Cam Plus Unlimited plan (the plan that grants Cam Plus to all your cameras, allllll the way up to 99!) and made it popular, I can tell you it is worth the investment, you can go to wyze.com right now and purchase an annual plan of Cam Plus Unlimited ($99/yr) and get a free Wyze Cam OG for Black Friday.

$216/yr is insane, no one should be paying that.

SD cards are out of my area of expertise, so I’ll let others respond to that.


You ABSOLUTELY DO NOT need a subscription to view uSD card recordings.

You came up with the most expensive possible way to get CamPlus. With six cameras, you are far better to get CamPlus unlimited and pay for it annually instead of monthly.


This is exactly correct.


From what I see from the screenshot you posted, the App is having difficulty loading the SD Card data into the viewer.

While there may be SD Video that was recorded to the SD Card, if the cam isn’t getting the bandwidth necessary through the WiFi to deliver the data to the App, it will stall at the “no video” message. I have experienced the same on multiple versions of my cams only to move the timeline slider and have the App load the video.

What app version and device is it running on?


I seriously HATE subscriptions. Unless they make sense. Wyze $99/year makes so much sense, I currently have 20 cameras in various places and uses (work, home, 2nd house, etc etc.) Without it, I’d be sunk paying others for their bad pricing and service. But Wyze is not perfect. They need to work a bit more on product quality, and less on advertising IMHO. Their new web site for viewing cameras is crazy bad compared to the old site. I’d never put that in the public if it were me. But still, they continue to product good equipment most of the time. So, I’m in and will stay in on all things Wyze.

Long live Wyze!

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Yep, this is why we launched the Cam Plus Unlimited plan… we don’t want you to feel bad for buying more Wyze cams! Paying a subscription per camera almost disincentives buying more cams. We definitely don’t want that.