Wyze Handheld Vacuum: Toddler Approved

My daughter has toys. Lots of toys. And pets. And sisters to play with. And lots of other family members that absolutely adore her and enjoy spending every second with her. That said, when our handheld vac arrived this morning, she completely forgot about absolutely all of that. So far, she’s gone through three full charges of the battery. She literally sits next to it while it’s charging waiting until she can use it again. I guess the upside is our floors are looking pretty clean! Child labor for the win.

Wyze Handheld Vacuum: Toddler tested, father approved.


Hello, @EAndrewRaposo

That’s an adorable picture :framed_picture: guaranteed to make anyone smile who views it :smiley:.

Just think of the money you’ve saved by not having to buy the Wyze RoboVac. In addition, she automatically goes back to the Handheld’s invisible docking station just waiting to map-out her next adventure (and, no app needed).

Thanks for sharing.

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