Wyze Vacuum Needs Longer Battery Life

This battery is inadequate. My vacuum has to recharge 4 times to give my home a once over!!! Ridiculous. But otherwise I love it. I have owned 5 Roombas, I like the wyze vacuum much better.

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This does seem like more of a hardware change, so it may not happen unless a V2 is released.
I’d suggest adding this idea to the robot vacuum V2 ideas topic:

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this is the thing about the vacuum that would more than likely bump up the pricing the most of all the components of the vacuum. I don’t know the population usage of the vacuum thus far and how many fall into this same need category. it would be interesting to see the dynamic break down on use from Wyze. if enough people need it, maybe it’s something that could be made cost effective.

It could be a separate purchase option. I would upgrade the battery for an extra charge.


that’s not a bad idea at all.

Make 2 rooms out of one and schedule the vac to clean each separately. Worked for us.

Really the only complaint I have with the vacuum is the battery. The operation time is acceptable, it could be better - but I’m good with it. The time it takes to charge though… there needs to be an upgrade option or something. I loved the first run vacuum so much I bought a second for upstairs - please make an upgraded battery option (faster charge time) available. Thanks!