Wyze Garage Door Controller - Compatibility with More Door Openers

I had been using a Meross GDC before Wyze even came out with one, but it was destroyed in a fire. I contacted Meross and got their accessory RGR551C for yellow learn button openers. What it is is a remote with external leads. You program one button to your opener and if you short the two external wires, it opens and closes your garage door. I am using this with a Wyze GDC. It works perfectly.

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This is exactly what I was thinking would work! I have a working meross and accessory. Do you think it’s worth buying the wyze controller to use with the accessory, to be using one ecosystem? How do you like wyze vs meross?
And wyze engineers, why can’t you buy a similar accessory to make the gdc compatible with all models? I doubt you’d have to produce it yourself.

I have Wyze everything! So I chose to go that route. If you have the accessory it will work with the Wyze controller.

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I can now confirm. I bought the Wyze Garage Door Controller, clipped the wires into the RGR551C accessory from Meross, and it works flawlessly. RGR551C programs in 5 sec. Wyze v3 camera was a bit finicky about being close enough to the QR code; but since it’s just USB power wire, and everything else was wireless, I could put the camera anywhere I wanted in the garage (that was close enough for the camera to read to code).
So, if you like Wyze, but have a garage door opener with a yellow button, see if you can get your hands on one of these accessories, and it’ll work in a snap.

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Nice work. Nice of you to test this out at your risk/expense. Many will benefit from your experiment. And the collective thanks you.

Anything CURRENTLY sold at local Big Box Stores Supported ?
Model B4603TCMRC
Model B2405CLD
Model B4613TC
Model B4505TC
Model B6713TC
Model B6753TC
Model D2101C
Model ATR-1612BK
Model ATR-1722CK
Model ATR-1723CK
These are models that you can go out a buy today, there all current models, Does the Wyze Controller work with ANY of these, because NONE of these are listed on the compatibility listing.

Here’s the main thing as I understand it, Wyze’s GDC (Garage Door Controller) doesn’t natively install to work with Garage Doors that use the Security+ 2.0 protocol.

So if it has a round yellow learning button, then it is technically not compatible. The Security+ protocol is a proprietary standard for I believe Liftmaster/Chamberlain, making it harder to support (probably because they want everyone to either use “MyQ” system, or pay them more money to support their proprietary protocol).

Having said that, I have an “incompatible” garage door opener using the Security+ 2.0 protocol and a round yellow learning button, BUT I just wired the Wyze GDC to a Garage door remote control instead of directly to the Opener, and POOF! It works for an “incompatible” Garage door too. I followed the steps in this thread:

Using that method, basically every Garage Door Opener is compatible If you’re willing to use a remote instead.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT. I have NOT bought the Garage Door Opener but I have DOZENS of Wyze devices (including a Garage Door Controller) I would like to use, I am NOT picky on what I buy for the Garage Door Opener, But it seems like to get an older more traditional GD Opener is the Best Idea, That’s why I added the SkyLink’s (but Wyze doesn’t get into Models except to misspell ATOMS) I was looking at the Model # ATR-1722CK but couldn’t find any Wyze support for it.

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Yeah, I totally understand that! I would be doing the same thing as you.
Like I said, I can’t really answer all the questions about everything that is or isn’t compatible, BUT I knew I could give you a little bit of reassurance that if you end up choosing one that isn’t compatible, there is still a way to make it work okay anyway, just like I did with mine. :slight_smile: The remote option is an awesome workaround and the remote battery honestly seems to last forever anyway. I’ve been pretty impressed so far.