Wyze from PC at work

My work has a block on downloading bluestacks or that sort of player on my PC. Any work around to that? Thanks

There’s no options for streaming on a PC if you can’t download an emulator. Maybe RTSP, of that’s not blocked (like it is where I work)?

i meant more like is there a way to download it to thr work PC without the IT filter catching it. I thought about downloading it to a thumb drive from home and then uploading from thumb drive to work PC. Something along those lines

This isn’t a Wyze issue sorry. Your best bet would be to use a tablet or phone to watch the Wyze streams from work.

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You’re joking, right?

Teamviewer into your home PC if it is possible. run Bluestacks at home and access your cameras.

I thought he mentioned downloading the stream … are you looking for live view of past recordings? Past recordings you can easily get from the SD card … Liveview on a PC not sure. I have a cellular-enabled tablet, and that is how I can check the cameras from work. I do that only when there are alerts otherwise I’d eat up my bandwidth allowance rather quickly… I’d stay away from doing anything ‘not approved’ by your IT, or you might lose big time.

He wants to download Bluestacks, or any Android emulator to his work PC.

But his work blocks its download, I imagine they don’t want him to install it either.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question :frowning:

The OP can transfer to IT and then can probably get the block lifted on his workstation. There are many reasons to do so… Just make one up.

I read it as he wanted help from the Wyze forum community to figure a way how to circumvent what his employer has in place for IT security.

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Welcome to the community, @ra0704. As someone who works in IT security, this is a no-no at my job, and probably yours, too. There are most likely good reasons that security safeguards are in place at your place of work. You need to talk to your IT department to see if there’s a way to get a waiver.

At work, we are lucky to have a public wifi for such uses. Otherwise, I used my hotspot.

You can get around this, but it’s a lot of work.

Install TinyCam on an Android device at home. Preferably, one that is on all the time like a Fire TV or Android TV.

Give the Android device running TinyCam a static address on your home network based on it’s MAC address. Google how to do this on your router.

Set up your cameras on TinyCam. Google how to do this.

Set up a webserver on TinyCam. Google how to do this.

Port forward the TinyCam web server through your router. Google how to do this on your router.

Use the port forwarded TinyCam web server to view your cameras in a browser on your work computer.

It just occurred to me that there are a bunch of apps that let you operate your phone from a desktop browser.