Wyze for Commercial Services

Hey guys!
I’ve posted in here a number of times. We are locksmiths who have installed professional security and cameras also for years. Then Wyze comes along and throws everything upside down. Now we are able to provide real quality products (trust me compared to everyone else) at great price to our customers.
We have used Wyze Locks in order to provide customers with an inexpensive access control system.

We cut in, and installed this lock on an old high security steel door, removing the old cylinder from the mortise lock and converting it to a passage.
We installed a high use, commercial grade deadbolt to help with the use cycles and security, and lithium batteries on the Wyze Lock to extend its life.

With the “auto lock” feature upon door closure, the system acts just like any other high security access control system we install, but a % of the price.
We have installed this at a number of businesses and all have been happy so far. We will see if they last a long time with the higher use of a business.
We can’t wait for the Wyze Doorbell, and hope to use this system in conjunction for entry into businesses.
Thanks Wyze! If any of you have questions on this, feel free and I can help you do similar.


Hey @cam6,

Thank you for posting! Glad to know you are using Wyze devices!

Have a nice day,


This is fantastic use case and one that I would happily adopt for our front door for our business if there was a drop in solution from Wyze :slight_smile: