Access Control Product

I know this is a little out-there request for a consumer-focused company.
I install a lot of Access Control Products for commercial use (ie. Electronic Locks, Cloud controlled Door hardware, RFID cards, etc.). I honestly think that if Wyze wanted to leap the other “smart companies” and foray into the commercial world, this would be a great direction.

Wyze could produce a “panel” that requires 12v input, offers several Access Control features like REX, etc, and then 12v output to a electric lock. The panel could be wifi connected and connect back to the Wyze app and allow remote control, schedules etc. If Wyze wanted to go further, they could produce an RFID reader with their camera built in to allow for 1-way conferencing. Otherwise Wyze could just offer Weigand inputs for other people to integrate other commercial pin pads.

I think Wyze would make a significantly better Access Control Product than most other companies in the industry that would be easy to use, control, and create users for. Wyze wouldn’t have to create their own RFID cards, or reader, and could use commercially available products. Just a panel that connects back to the Wyze app and has “links” to the Wyze cameras similar to the new Sense product for when entry is triggered, would make a big impact on the Access Control world.

Thanks for your consideration, and thank you Wyze!