Wyze Floor Lamp Upgrades Your Craft or Comfy Zone - 4/13/21

I’m another in this boat, this sounds really cool and looks minimalist, but that shipping rate killed it for me, I have multiple applications in mind so I tried adding more to cart but shipping kept going up linearly ::Yikes:: so I walked away for now.


Yeah, definitely not! It’s a bit over 12, if I recall correctly. I’ll get this feedback to the team. :slight_smile:

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I was excited about the lamp until I saw that it does not integrate with Google. I hope at some point that there is a plan to release a Google/Alexa/Homekit etc. compatible version of the lamp.

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We’re taking notes and I’ve communicated this as a feature we should consider in the future! Thanks for bringing it up, @raybtwo. :slight_smile:

I opened the email, and seeing as how it was from Wyze, I reflexively clicked ‘Add to Cart’, as I have for nearly each and every Wyze product in the past. Then I remembered the slap in the face to all us loyal Wyze enthusiasts and early, loyal supporters that was the Wyze Car, and how I wasted an entire day of my life repeatedly ‘Add(ing) to Cart’, only to see it hang or error out each and every time for the entire day. Meanwhile the allocated 500 per hour dwindled and disappeared within seconds, thanks to all the bots who managed to scoop them up before we legitimate supporters were able to complete our purchases, despite the fact that the products were easily added to our carts time after time. Due to the frustration and insult of this experience, combined with the complete non-response and lack of acknowledgement from Wyze, I decided “no thanks, I’ll pass” on this and likely future products, as well. What a way to reward your supporters & Cam Plus subscribers. Kinda done with you guys.


I laugh when I hear people complain about postal costs and I don’t know where this lamps coming from but if it’s coming from another state $14 doesn’t seem a lot to me it’s like grandma and grandpa complaining about stamps being $.10 LOL :joy:
Thanks :pray:


Just got the pre-order email today. I would really like to see a desk lamp model of this.


@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng

Cool White kills the deal for me. I, too, am a WARM WHITE fan. But can I ask you a question?

Why does the Wyze Floor Lamp come with only 4000K … when I currently have Wyze bulbs in other floor lamps and I can just slide the color rendition, from cool to warm, under the gear icon settings?

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I think it’s more marketed towards the reader or a person drafting on the drafting table drawing painting coloring when you need that exact light. I bought a true light Floor stand lamp from Office Depot and you had to buy separately a true light lightbulb for 3799 and this is the same type of white at least from reading the descriptions.
I can’t wait!!!
Thanks :pray:


Agreed. I was going to buy two. $50+ for shipping, however, means it is not going to happen.


Damn the shipping is high when it doesn’t go down when you order more it just keeps it at a 1-1 ratio…
Wish they had some AI in the shipping that would calculate end user discount.
Many times I see I paid for extra shipping and Wyze ends up putting it all in the same box…


I’m still going to preorder 3 of them. But it leaves kinda rotten taste until the products arrive.

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I want to know if the pole (and flexible neck) is welded or screwed to the base?

I’d be willing to bet the pole is 2 or 3 pieces and it all screws together.

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Wyze Floor Lamp Assembly Instructions



Yesterday at 20:48

Assembling your Wyze Floor Lamp should only take a few moments. Most parts are already assembled and just need to be tightened together.

To assemble your Wyze Floor Lamp:

  1. Remove all lamp parts from the packaging.
  2. Pull the cord through the base to tighten the pole connections.
  3. Screw the upper pole into the gooseneck.
  4. Screw the upper pole into the lower pole.
  5. Screw the lower pole into the base.
  6. Screw the bulb assembly into the gooseneck.
  7. Insert plug into the power outlet.


So Wyze Floor Lamp huh?

The AI remote control took my money and I placed the pre-order.

Hope Wyze never stops surprising me.

Oh, please make drone. I need 2x to patrol my perimeter.

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Smart design so that it can skip the middle section for kid.

I dig your gamer chair. Did it come with 5-point seatbelt?

It’s not so much about the shipping cost itself for most people, but what that extra shipping cost adds to the overall price. Now, instead of a $30 lamp, it becomes a $44 lamp (50% increase, especially after taxes).

It is still a good deal for the quality IMO, but there is now some closer competition. Doing some research, I was able to find multiple similar smart floor lamps controlled by phone including shipping for the same price, some even had color capabilities for the same or slightly more ($45-$60).

I personally think Wyze’s design is superior to all those in that price range, and I like the integration with the Wyze ecosystem (and presumably rules at some point). I hope Google and Alexa will eventually be able to integrate routines with it too. Even without all those benefits, the bulbs themselves are pretty well designed. After doing some research, I’d say that as usual for most Wyze products this definitely competes in a much higher class than other lamps for the same price, when you take the design and the bulb quality into account. It’s worth more than $44. Still, lamps aren’t necessarily a HUGE market demand, and when people do think of lamps, most will simply buy whatever they find at a nearby store, so I don’t expect these to go viral or anything.

Still, in this day an age when most people think of “free shipping” (a misleading manipulation which really just means “subsidized into the initial price or subscriptions and use/market-share prediction already”), it could be a better marketing tactic for Wyze to instead subsidize at least some of the shipping cost into the initial product cost for heavier and larger items. This will psychologically make people have slightly fewer objections to cause a sale intervention during checkout. I would advise Wyze to have a database analyst see how many people added the light to their cart, and then canceled before paying, and compare that ratio to other products that aren’t as heavy and big and try an experiment with subsidizing a future large/heavy product by putting some of the shipping cost into the cost of the product, and observe if there are fewer checkout interventions/cancelations from doing this for some of these heavy/large items.

It sucks businesses can’t just show an itemized breakdown of real costs (here’s how much shipping is ACTUALLY costing you…here’s how much we jacked up the price because too many of you use credit cards and they’re charging us 2%-6% so we’re passing that on to you), etc…but subsidization of random costs into other areas to pretend things are different is what everyone starts doing because otherwise too many consumers get this checkout intervention phenomena…


You would have to disconnect the wire and reconnect to do that, don’t know if that’s even possible