Wyze Floor Lamp

I ordered a Wyze Floor Lamp on April 13, 2021 and was wondering how far along they are in the shipping. Also, since I assume that I was among the first 20,000 to order, I believe that some kind of projector is being sent as a bonus. Could someone please tell me more about this?

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The product page says it “starts shipping in July” 2021. So near then. Logistics and manufacturing shortages are very messed up right now due to the Pandemic.

The retro projector isn’t much, it’s just an old-style cardboard and plastic “Happy Birthday” projector that slides over the lamp housing. It is shown at the bottom of the Floor Lamp page:


I just received mine this morning. The projector is a cardboard cutout you have to assemble. It was pretty easy. It comes with 3 projections. A happy birthday, a #love, and one that is just a black bar.
I didn’t order for those so I’ll probably never use them. But all in all the lamp seems very nice. I got it for the elderly relatives I take care of they already love it and the remote is so easy for them to use.


I’m liking the simple lamp. It’s already filling a need at my sewing machine.

The projector things are fun. I guess the blank one is for us to write or draw on to make our own.

  1. There is a little flim on the projector screens. My pic is with that extra film on. I’m sure it’ll be a tiny bit more clear now that it’s removed…and if I fiddled with the “focus” a bit. Either way…it’s just for fun and works great.
  2. Other users keep saying “bluetooth only” integration. I thought I understood that correctly…that it was just a bluetooth connection to the knobby controller the lamp comes with. I’m a dummy. It does connect via bluetooth to my phone via the Wyze app and I can perform simple controls on the lamp from there. Fun!

This projector is an exclusive reward gift for early supporters. :partying_face:


Love my wyze floor lamp & projector, finally received a pre-order sticker. The past 2 preordered products I’ve gotten haven’t come with stickers.

Whaaattt… Which ones? Seems like my wyze watch order was the only one that didn’t come with a sticker bo bicker. Sometimes they’re kinda hiding in the packaging.

Watch & Vacuum did not, i did receive one with the thermostat & headphones.

Ahh…and I haven’t ordered any vacs, so that makes sense. Sad sense.

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I agree very sad.

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